Mineral Baths: Smart Bathing Versus Hard Bathing


"There is a power of choice-
what we do today with our time,
information and habits reflects our tomorrow"

Did you swim in a sea or an ocean ? You could not forget these beautiful sensations of energy and revitalization after sea mineral bathing. Can you restore these feelings at your spa? Purchase mineral salts , dissolve a desired (?) amount in warm water and relax as if you were swimming in a sea? No undiscovered information? You can ask : what is a desired amount - a cup, two cups, 1 kg (2.2 pounds) or more? I would answer : "You should add at least 1 kg (2.2 pounds) per bath ". Let me specify why.

The salinity (salt concentration) of sea water is at least 3%. It means that 3 kg ( 6.6 pounds) of mineral salts should be added to a bath to simulate sea bathing. The primary principle of a bath is to disperse botanicals in the water matrix. Then these botanicals can be available for skin absorption. But regular salt formula hardly provides these benefits because of the skin's low absorption rate for minerals , dissolving mechanism and the body's salinity.

The mechanism of dissolving of ANY regular mineral salts in the water is the following: crystals of salts are dissociated to many ions and these ions are covered by water molecules. These hydrated ions in water have a decreased level of energy and activity for proper absorption and assimilation through the skin.

I have been searching and studying for many years a lot of clinical studies of efficiency of mineral salt treatments. Results differ, efficiency differs, methods differ, salt types differ. But ONE common figure I did find is that for therapeutic treatment purposes scientists use at least 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of ANY regular mineral salts.

The minimum figure of 1(one) kg is originated from the fact that our body salinity (healthy blood plasma) is about 0.9% (salt equivalent of 900 g or 2 pounds per bath).

So, at least 1 kg (2.2 pounds) of REGULAR salts is required to support proper mineral absorption and assimilation through the skin to nourish and re-mineralize the skin and the body with deficient micro - and macro-elements. And water therapy professionals know this figure very well. More often medical spas, clinics and health resorts can use for therapeutic purposes 2 kg (4.4 pounds) , 4 kg (8.8 pounds) or more salts per bath!

For relaxing, balancing and other wellness purposes a less amount of mineral salts can be used. But you should understand that the main effect of 250-500 grams (one - two cups of ANY regular salts) per bath is more a skin's stimulating effect than a real nourishing effect.

That is why the only recommendation for REGULAR mineral salt bathing can be :"The more salts the better".

The more salts are added the better?. Nothing can be changed?.Hmm.

The more salts are added the better? Hard bathing?

No new ideas?

This old dogma can be doubted and new approaches, scientific ideas and technology are discovered to create a NEW generation of bath products for Smart Bathing!

Oleg Moskvine, held the Senior Scientist position of the R&D department of Technofit cosmetic manufacturing company.

Oleg has the good expertise in hydrotherapy (balneology, water therapy) treatments with water, mineral salts and mud applications.


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