Tired Of Tweezing? A Better Way To A More Beautiful You


Any drug store has a section full of products to deal with the problem of unwanted facial hair: tweezers, waxes, bleaches, and even sugaring kits. Some salons have a trained electrolysist on staff to remove hairs by electrolysis (electric charge put through a needle to kill hair follicles at their root). Some dermatologists now offer laser removal of hair that removes hair.

Many women use one or a combination of these methods to remove facial hair that they feel detracts from their appearance. Some of these methods are uncomfortable, some can't be used by women with certain types of skin, some are temporary, and the ones that are permanent can be outrageously expensive. Lisa S, a family lawyer, comments wryly, "I'd rather spend the money on a gorgeous dress - then no-one will be looking at my face anyhow!"

Where did this facial hair come from?

All women have facial hair: for some women it consists of "peach fuzz" - an almost unnoticible sprinkling of almost invisible hairs. Some women however have places where one or more darker hairs (sometimes called terminal hairs) which they feel detracts from their beauty.

Women have different amounts of terminal hair on the face for different reasons. it might be hereditary - if your mother or grandmother has darker facial hair on the upper lip you're more likely to have the same pattern. Having more body fat allows your body to create more of the hormones that make terminal hairs grow. And all women, thin or curvy, make more of the hair-growth hormone as they get older, which can increase facial hair growth.

Rarely, large amounts of facial-hair growth (for example, a "beard" and "moustache" type appearance) may signal an illness that is changing your hormones. If you've noticed a significant change in your facial hair or your hair growth seems excessive to you, talk to a doctor that you're comfortable with. Her job is to help so don't be shy! She will make sure you get treatment if there is a problem. And most of the time, she'll be able to reassure you that the hair growth you're experiencing is normal.

It might be normal, but I still don't like it!

What makes facial hair "unwanted" depends on the woman. Some women feel perfectly comfortable with visible hairs on the upper lip, where others will find very bothersome. Only you know whether it makes you uncomfortable with your appearance!

If it does bother you, though, and you're tired of plucking, waxing or bleaching, you may want to consider the option of a medication that actually reduces the amount your facial hair grows.

Vaniqa Cream

Vaniqa is a prescription topical medication, a cream that you put on the skin that has the annoying hairs. Vaniqa's active ingredient (eflornithine HCl) actually slows the growth of hairs.

Vaniqa doesn't remove hairs completely. So if you've been tweezing or waxing, you may occasionally continue to do so. But you'll notice that you have to remove hairs less often or find that with fewer hairs growing at any one time, their appearance does not bother you as much.

Best of all, Vaniqa has very few side effects: rarely, a few women feel stinging, burning or see a rash where they've applied the cream. And in studies of the drugs, the women who did have side effects felt that they were so mild that they continued using Vaniqa. If you have side-effects, stop using the cream till you've talked with your doctor.

World, Here I Come!

As you use Vaniqa you'll notice the reduced appearance of facial hair and you'll spend less time removing the hair that appears. You'll have more time to do the things that the beautiful-you wants to do - shopping, flirting with your husband, working, and being more confident every step of the way!

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