Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses - More Style, Same Utility


At one time, promotions on television advertised a new, sexier you if you elected to lose the glasses and pop in apair of contact lenses. This image has always beendemonstrated in Superman comics, television programs andmovies.

He's a bit of a geek or too normal a guy, but when theglasses come off - he's Superman. Fortunately, the image-makers and shakers that relegated eyeglasses to theawkward, the nerd gear of decades past has begun to embraceglasses for the fashionable, functional necessity they havebecome.

The differences between glasses and contact lenses are morerelated to personal issues of comfort than to image. Arguments can be made in support of contacts overeyeglasses.

For example, contact lenses are worn directly over the eyeallowing natural vision and no distortion as some eyeglasswearers may experience because of the small gap between thelens of the glasses and your eye.

There is always a constant awareness of the frames as wellas the reflections off the backside of the lens. While mosteyeglass wearers become so accustomed as to hardly noticethe discrepancy, it becomes more pronounced when switchingbetween contacts and glasses.

Glasses can fog up when the temperature changes and theymight be a distraction during physical activities, especially sports where you don't want your glasses to bebroken. Contacts suffer neither of these. Eyeglasses canbe made with tinting lenses that allow them to turn intofunctional sunglasses, but contact lens wearers can pickany pair of sunglasses they want.

For the particularly fashion conscious, contact lensescoordinate with everything in your wardrobe. But for alltheir differences, both require cleaning and gentle care. Both correct astigmatism (irregular cornea shape) and withmodern technology, both are very affordable. A new pair ofeyeglasses and a new pair of contacts is comparable inprice for the same prescription.

The decision between contacts or eyeglasses is no longerone associated with social stigma or social image, butrather of the image and look you want to project to theworld. It's all truly dependent in this day of modernfashion on what makes you feel comfortable and look great.


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