Contact Lenses - A Beginners Guide To Inserting & Removing Them The Right Way


I must admit that putting contact lenses in for the first time is a bit awkward. The natural reflex when any object comes close to the eye is to automatically close the eye. However, once you get over the fear of placing the contact on your eye, you will become a pro at it overnight. Just remember to follow these guidelines when you are inserting and removing your contacts:

1. Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before inserting and removing your contacts.

2. Use the recommended contact lens cleaning solution as directed before inserting and after removing lens.

3. Check your contact for debris, residue, tears, or any other particles that may irritate your eye.

4. Don't put your contacts in over a sink or area with an open drain. If at all possible, insert your contacts over a flat surface. That way, if the contact falls, you will have an easier time recovering it.

5. Make sure that you are putting the correct contact over the corresponding eye. Generally each contact (left and right) has a different prescription in it for that eye. Always double check to make sure that your left contact is going on the left eye and vice versa.

6. Hold your eyelids open with one hand and either look towards the ceiling or directly at the contact.

7. Take your forefinger and place the contact (cup side up) on the white of your eye if you are looking towards the ceiling and then release the bottom eyelid first and roll the eye down.

8. Next, look straight down to have the eye finish positioning the lens.

9. If you are looking directly at the contact lens before inserting, simply place the contact on the center of the eye very gently and look down to position the lens.

10. To remove the contact lens, wash and dry your hands first. Then while holding the eyelid open, look towards the ceiling and slide the contact over the white of your eye.

11. Next, take your forefinger and thumb and gently press the contact lens and remove it.

12. After removing contacts, store them in the appropriate contact lens case.

By following these steps, you will easily be inserting and removing your contacts in no time at all. Remember to thoroughly wash your hands before handling contacts and use only the recommended cleaning solution for your contact lens. If you have any problems or questions concerning inserting or removing your contacts, call your eye care practitioner. They will be more than happy to address your concerns.


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